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Product Specifications

Value Size

Product Description

Pet Beauty Specialist

Product Name: Nail clippers for Pet beauty

Model: Large number

Texture of material: Stainless steel rubber and plastic, PP material Apply to pets: Large and medium-sized pets

Please pay attention to pets

When building, please use the safety shield, cut the nail in the mouth to avoid the bleeding of the nail Just put the small end of the pet finger nail at the edge of the knife, and quickly close the handle Pet nails should be trimmed once every 1-2 weeks to avoid excessive growth of blood lines After you have finished pruning, use your pet nail file to smooth your nails so as not to scratch them

Product features

Special stainless steel cutter head, hard and sharp, pruning without burrs The design of the safety block for the cutter head is to avoid cutting too many clips to the fingernail vessels. Ergonomic design of handle, comfortable grip, easy and effortless trimming. With pet nail file, you can use a file to polish your fingernails after pruning

Matters needing attention

The product has been inspected strictly before production, and the screw has been adjusted to the right place

Please do not mobilize easily. This product is very sharp Please pay attention to safety during use

Please store it in places where children cant touch it

Maintenance method

Do not disinfect with hot water and contact with petrolthinner, alcohol and other liquids. After use, please clean the residue on the blade in time and keep it clean after cleaning.